How To Read Akashic Records

Metaphorically speaking, if you were to pull your book of life out of the library, the cover of your book would have a certain color to it, and may be laced with other colors like gold or silver, indicating the vibrational frequency your soul was created in.  a majority of my readings are done on skype/facetime for others in different states and countries. The akashic records appear to you as a literal record of things exactly as they occurred that can be replayed and looked at from different angles: each person experiences an event differently, and all those experiences are recorded. “she (noelani) told me i would meet my great love by summer, and i met him at the end of memorial day weekend…” heather s:. Sha says that in 2003 we entered the “soul light era,” and that more people than ever are interested in pursuits of their soul. These records hold the absolute truth and knowledge of all things, both living and nonliving.

Read Akashic Records
Read Akashic Records

 soul purpose, potentials of destiny, service, career. I retain the right to refuse to teach or provide a session to any client or student if at anytime i believe it is not in my higherst good or their highest good to do so. This lovely spiritual idea turns out to be more radical than i initially expected. By listening to the client and how they describe their fear/anxiety issues, i energetically and intuitively determine the root causes of the issue and then energetically release and clear those memories with the non-touch method of chinese energetics. I’ll also help you to recognise the qualities and gifts you bring into this life as the amazing individual that you are.

Read Akashic Records
Read Akashic Records

Your archetypes which are present in this lifetime within your career. Having your akashic records read and your soul cleansed is the key to leading an abundant, fulfilling and purposeful life. Your entry code: the pathway prayer process©. The truth is, there is really no way to. Step 2:    read the opening prayer verbatim, as directed. A useful metaphor is to think of yourself as being on a train. Or try to ignore them. Experience itself as divine within its human lifetime. Thoughts and actions if they seemed a suitable reaction. Because the supra-akashic does not interface with the lesser worlds.

Read Akashic Records
Read Akashic Records

To find your soulmate and recognize him or her when you finally cross paths. Healing past lives through the akashic records. Ever since my old stories are fading away, i can feel and. Every thought, every word, every intention,. How can i (have the life i deserve, transition to a career that fulfills me, find a perfect partner). Read akashic records - tumblr complete guide book read akashic records. The first time i viewed mine, i asked about a very intense past-life issue that i had been grappling with for several months. It helps if i know what time zone you are in so we can schedule a time for our session that is convenient for both of us. I can complete a full energy session from the comfort of my home, by performing distance energy, which takes nothing away from the session.

Read Akashic Records
Read Akashic Records

To learn more about record keeper quartz crystals, click here>. You have the most remarkable quality of making everyone feel so completely loved. Made, which makes often an inadequate way of expressing or. Reiki and the akashic records. Not completely understandable at the base level of consciousness,. One day as we sat having our usual coffee, alison asked me how the writing was coming along.

At this level of understanding, the records hold the archive of each soul as it has existed from lifetime to lifetime as different human beings on the earth plane while evolving throughout time and space. There are various readings available using the akashic records:. Since these readings are done from the quantum field of all possibilities you open up to your soul’s essence and discover hidden talents and abilities. " it has many branches, the largest of which is in beas, punjab, india. Level 2: “connect with the akashic records of others”. What steps might i take to begin to experience some freedom from this. Awareness or consciousness of same in one's own experience. Repeat lines 8-13 silently two more times using your own current legal name. By understanding your devine gifts, you can move forward with decisions geared toward your soul purpose, devine love, light, truth and abundance.

Having been created by the divine to maintain balance and harmony of all it’s creations. Here are some of the ways students are using. With over 50 years of experience of visiting her personal akashic record, bonita has learned multiple techniques and attunements for working with the akasha as well as other dimensions of both higher and lower plains. To get to the hall of records, cayce would put himself into the trance state he used for readings. These records are energetically protected by guides, guardians and keepers. A loving and beautiful reading. It’s a gift to me, to do this work.

Working with you is definitely not for the "faint of heart" -- you expect and. Over 10 years ago i connected with a woman i met at a vision quest that was a flight attendant. This was just one visit. If you saw symbols, draw them. The journey will be made clear.

It shall be a new science inclusive of a spiritual base. How to read the akashic records - linda howe the energetic archive of the soul known as the akashic records is available to provide us with. Energy is impressed on a subtle substance called akasha. These are the living records of mercy ministration which are read into the testimony of the courts of uversa when each individual's right to unending life comes up for adjudication, when "thrones are cast up and the ancients of days are seated.   the have been the inspiration for dreams and invention. Your primary life lesson for this lifetime – this is often interesting and validating because you choose experiences which allow you to learn this primary life lesson, so you can find out why you choose the experiences you do and how they fit into your soul’s path.

Like chakras, we have these energy centers and use them continuously in order to create the life we desire.   heart wisdom is the best kind of wisdom there is. 30 am and afternoon anytime around 11. Bi-monthly emails from my online practice at new world energetics and spiritually healthy giveaways. Begin to come close to the power, the memory, or the.

Akasha is everywhere and every-when, an aspect of the ether that absorbs subtle energetic reflections radiated into it by all levels of consciousness through the act of living and existing. ​all sessions can be voice recorded by you, ​or automatically recorded through a free private conference call ​. There is no important complications with the merchandise which might stimulate it not to deliver the results as desired. Focus on the flow of your breath and the glowing white light. There will be darkness behind this door but soon you will start to see shape, symbols, or colors. So much information is available that, without a clear understanding of what we are looking for and how to interpret the information, this vast database is practically useless. Increase your awareness, spiritual growth & healing. Commentary (what your intentions were in relation to your actions),.   this energy is the highest quality of light in both the physical and spiritual sense. For years people who have been involved in the spiritual science have been asking what exactly the akashic records are.

And add a new revenue stream to your coaching or healing business.  plato said of the elements, “there is the most translucent kind which is called by the name of. Communications that are not immediately understandable, therefore,. I will check and revert within 24 hours. - (use the stethoscope to study movements and reactions in respiration,. His texts are still a part of the whole synergism of the greater akashic, but.

Thefirst was the subconscious mind of the individual for whom he was giving the reading and thesecond was the akashic records. But let me guess…no matter how often you adjust your divine antennae or how deep your heart leans in to hear those whispers of inner knowing, the wisdom keeps playing hide ‘n’ seek. Connect to your high level of intuition and wisdom. Reading guidelines" is on my home page. It will stretch you beyond what you believe you are capable of doing or able to handle. Spirit-guides, angels and signs seem like a bunch of malarky.  i don’t always believe all of what i’ve seen, heard or read. Comment: the letters are too small and since the paper is not white, it makes it more difficult to read. I will ask alison to go to a particular person at a certain incident in their lives or at a certain date, and place and she will access them.

This does not clear your entire akashic record–that would send you into a healing crisis. She did not, however, use the term. It is one of the most powerful tools to help us remember our oneness with spirit. Your personal akashic records and how they are stored. This book is an inspiration and a must-read. This could be correlated to the "aether" of scientific interest. In another case, i asked about a relative who provided a very important role during my early life. Just remember that you may be unsure of when or where this information is coming from. It’s all the path. We will then discuss the experience and allow any further intuitive information to come forth.

In order to advance and evolve in this incarnation, we need to know what is in our records that block us from having success and fulfillment in this lifetime. Go beyond yourself with akashic records 201: reading the records of others. May you be well and happy always. This – the human system that you are – because this is a minicosmos. How to supplement your body with cosmic and earth energy.

My intention in giving akashic records readings are to help people move towards joy via personal empowerment. This article was written to explain what the akashic record actually is and what it does. No wonder i never "fit in",. When asked to write a book on the tarot, her first response was no, because she felt there were enough books on tarot reading out there. Did i have a past life with _________.

Akashic Records Free Reading

Do this at least a few times a week to get yourself used to the exercise, especially if you are new to meditation. The qabala talks about how when we agree to be of service, sharing our gifts, abundance is guaranteed. Akashic records reading free for all. It is a heartfelt expression of the divine. Access to the akashic records from within the real-time zone (see. ” other people’s thoughts, motivations and emotions are unavailable because only your records are open and the records for other people cannot be opened without their expressed permission. Devas) and "king of kings" (catumaharajika. "hi pamela, thank you again for the reading yesterday. Past, present or future lives may come up in the reading and the information will be pertinent to your question or help aid in the resolution of an issue. Once it seemed as though nearly everything i did – celebrating birthdays, visiting friends, enjoying family, working – resulted in some sort of anxiety.

As far as i am concerned, krishna, gautama buddha or many other yogis of the past, are not really past for me. Once the records are open, we ask the client what question they would like to ask first. The akashic records is a term that goes all the way back to the 5000 year old sanskrit word for “space,”. What resources can i utilize to assist me with _________ (a relationship, job, etc. Your akashic records offer personal insights regarding every piece of information regarding your soul. Energies and specific personality characteristics here in this incarnation (and every other incarnation).

  the masters, teachers and loved ones, come through with messages to empower us when we ask our questions. In other words, the information is stored in the akashic field (also called zero point field). Certified by the linda howe center for akashic studies as an advanced practitioner and advanced certified teacher. Past life regression vs an akashic records reading. The akashic records do have guardians of light to protect the. Thank you for this most helpful reading.

Physical) can be found there. An akashic records reading is neither predictive or psychic, since we all have free will and choice at any moment. Visualize a glowing white circle of light surrounding you completely and enter a state of trance. We all choose one primary life lesson and in between 1-6 secondary life lessons. And, over and above this, the desire which people have for locutions, and the pleasure which comes to their spirits from them, lead them to make answer to themselves and then to think that it is god who is answering them and speaking to them. Or if they don’t, they may wish to move on to the next prepared question that they have brought.

She is very gifted, loving, kind hearted, and highly professional. Although this doesn’t happen with every accurate reading, i have heard interesting cases, such as pains dissipating or relationships improving or ending for no apparent reason. Understand what it is like to be pushed over the edge, and how awful it is. A dramatic shift of energy and presence which will lift and resolve stress and anxiety as well well as other similar disorders and dysfunctions. She is also the co-founder of anything but salads (an award-winning health foods company). Because reiki is guided by higher intelligence, it can do no harm. This is truly your gift.

The result is a happier, more peaceful, fulfilling life. You will bring the traits of your soul group with you throughout all lifetimes and these qualities help shape who you are today. You can ask anything you would like more clarity on. It’s available, and you absolutely deserve it. If i reach to your turn and i am unable to send you the reading, i will notify you and you will have to rejoin the line. There are also rules about what kinds of questions you can ask.

E-mails that express my gratitude to people who have been kind to me, but not just “thank you” e-mails… these have contained language coming from a deep place in my heart. According to oxford online dictionary,. Read the opening prayer from top to bottom out loud one time, using "myself" as indicated in the third stanza parentheses. We have been giving akashic readings for over 10 years and it’s always been something that has come naturally to us. Free reading - wave #5 (5-8-17 ~ closed for new requests) started - free akashic records readings - love & light. Hence, everything about you, including all information about current, past (extending to previous lifetimes) , are stored here. When it comes to wasting, i am a miser. She has been published and/or featured in many publications including enjoy whole health, sassy, focus on women, answering the call, careers from the kitchen table as well as business magazines and has her own radio program with raven international, the leading positive programming network. In addressing our core emotional and spiritual wounds, we get a chance to acknowledge, embrace and heal them from the inside out. The record, the contact as of the needle upon the record, as.

And only buyer had just walked away from the home for no sound reason. I also wanted to answer some questions about the course which i’ve been asked on multiple occasions, by different people. I say possible futures because cayce reminded us that nothing was fixed in stone. As a result they changed the date to one after i returned from bali and i was able to attend both my son's wedding and the akashic records intensive. Instead of teaching new spells, he decides to raise their understanding of magic itself. Who maintains the akashic records.   state:    i call forth the holy spirit of god to radiate love, healing, peace, harmony, truth around me. Feathers and taking the droppings to the garden and all that. This historical symbolism can be used to index the akashic records. That he becomes aware of the presence of an old man that hands him a.

They are not ancient, are not indian, and do not deliver information about things that have yet to be. In our culture and society we are so used to seeing people and situations through tunnel vision or from within the restrictions of dualistic thinking, so be prepared to learn that you may not have been a saint in all of your past lives. Why do you call it a “reading. Laughter, and singing of birds. An akashic session can help with life decisions about relationships, career, family issues, health, and any other life questions and concerns.

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Just like your body and mind, your soul needs to be healthy in order for you to thrive. Each soul has its own private section. It is a record of every place and space you have ever been, and of all your future possibilities. You were married and had 5 children.  i began learning and practicing, taking it slow and soaking it all up. If you are undergoing a spiritual awakening and want to know who you are on the soul level and what is defining about you, shelly can read your akashic record. It’s something i learned (fifth hand) from napoleon hill. Practice reading your own records and using your records for self healing. ,ive had many people come to me asking me how do i meditate jeni. A sacred place where you can receive answers on your personal relationships, finances, life mission and future.

Practice reading your classmates records. Luckily, there is a powerful new tool that gives you the akashic records and its precise symbols and messages (including all of those mentioned above and many more). The network structure of the tree operates as a kind of akashic record, (a term sometimes used to describe an astral library, accessible through altered states of consciousness such as meditation, dreams, and channelling). In this online course you will learn how to access your akashic record or soul book in the akashic library.   [however, if you had alcohol or recreational drugs you will not be able to open the a. Construct it in your mind and imagine it slowly. Accessing your akashic records is doable, you don’t have to be a privileged seer. O space is not really empty nor ether-filled but a particle-filled and energy-filled plenum.

Personality allowed us to connect in humor and joy as well, making her class. Even dream interpretation is possible. Akashic record readings are a profound healing tool and do not serve as entertainment. She told him of the old ones who brought the knowledge of time “the akashic records” to humanity. The akashic record is a treasury of your personal knowledge of the past, present, and future.

They are a portion of divinemind. I’m so happy i took this class. Over time and this energy is accessible through the akashic records.  they contain the full manifestation of existence. In your akashic records, francesca thoman discovers past lives, soul lineages, and your planet or plane of origin. I will be contacting you to schedule a call after the reading is completed. “the akashic records are the individual records of a soul from the instant it leaves its point of origin until the end of time. The works and teachings of edgar cayce will help you to fully understand all there is to know on. Learn it and see the amazing reward of having your masters and teachers and the essence of pure love present in your life by accessing this magnificent realm with a simple sacred prayer. If an issue occurred with your sister in a past life, you could experience the same energies today with your mom.

 the akashic records hold your individual past lives, life purpose, soul purpose, potential future and more. Present, the basis for that followed in the line of activity. These paintings are truly inspirational moments of colour. With the record keepers, she creates prayers, shamanic meditations, and visualizations for many things, including abundance. It's no wonder the akashic records have been likened to a "cosmic internet" that allows us to "google" specific information when we open a person's records.

Both the information and healing will flow on the energy (light) of the spoken word during your reading. Remember we all have the right to grow and expand, shift and love, connect to our divine source and remember who we are and why we are here and what our purpose is… the records can be and are a key tool for this.  the lords of the records determine who can access the records (while all have access, any ill-intent or “snooping” in others’ records without their permission is not permitted), and what information can be given at that time in that person’s path. Akashic diagnostic & clearing of location. Our intention leads the way in this process. At the time lane was researching the radhasoami movement in india, on which he has become a worldfamous authority. In an earlier post, "share the reading with my wife. This tells you which information i will need in order to set up the session.

Once we are talking together and are ready, then we will set the tone for the session with a request, a kind of little prayer, followed by a few moments of silence while we do the things that we do in order to access the other person’s records. She claimed to have traveled widely in asia and the middle east, and to have studied in tibet to develop her own psychic abilities as a medium. Many ancient texts were written on palm leaves, kind of like the way the egyptians used papyrus. I have a lovely donor that is willing to support 3 free one-page past life readings. What are the benefits of accessing the akashic records.

One thing to know about karma is that, it’s your universal teacher. We’re fighting with each other and disagree so strongly, i feel alienated in my marriage for the first time ever. Usually move you inside the page where you can experience an akashic. Instead they will offer you insight on situations - past, present and future - and help guide you through them. Neither will your guides or your higher self — although sometimes it is quite obvious when we are on a crash course with the universe, or what the next step of the journey will be.

Health, vocation and purpose in life with the modalities geared to this. D ownload complete guide of read akashic records for advanced/beginner ebook and pdf best price. I can describe the backdrop and circumstances of your meeting, and often determine this man’s or woman’s name. Some readings last an hour and a half or even more. Fire, forms the original doctrine or overlay, for the ‘records of thoth. Listen back to my session recording, i can't help but smile, because i'm.

My ex and i don’t get along, yet we can’t seem to be apart. The reading” for the mere purpose of removing all labels, since in the end, they are completely unnecessary.

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They are not to be thought. These five principles also represent. Reanimate their contents like they were turning on a celestial television. I will give you ample opportunity to add input and ask questions. Linda is popularizing them by simiplifying the material to make it widely marketable.   i felt so much validation with the questions i asked. Learn to read your own akashic record. $225 (usd) – 60 minute reading with shelly.

And recorded in the book of life, blessing, sustenance,. An akashic record reading has lots of benefits. Accessed via the higher self, in this workshop we will be using tools such as photographs or letters to attune to a person’s energy and soul history, together with visualisations and crystals to assist in opening your inner sight and to access the akashic record. Records but also the mind and world of edgar cayce. Because your akashic records contain all of that personal insight on a soul level, a reading for you might bring clarity on things such as:. Would you like to clean your business place. And why should the halls be placed in an earth-like setting. I listen to singing bowl music and today i found a good toning harmonic youtube video to listen to while meditating. There are several deposits of records and they each have a distinct purpose and reason for existing.

  it took me days to come up with my questions. Let’s say that fifty years later, a nonphysical entity is researching that accident in order to answer a question about it at a channeling session. Yet there is another, even greater realm of the akashic, which.   she is an amazingly gifted person who i have felt blessed to meet. Akashic readings are done for free by gurukul balasanths initiated into third eye awakening and the ability to see the cosmic archives. +ith new knowing, we were freed to change our behavior as our hearts and minds were illumined. A calming healing experience that will allow you to relax deeper than you have in your entire life. You continue to experience chronic physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues like .

An akashic records reading is an energetic event. The input on our business was helpful–what each must do to bring in more abundance. How to book a session. You were not married and had no children. This realm and chakra are all about heightened intuition and increased clarity in life. They are like the soul’s journey over time, so every thought, word, and deed is registered in the akashic records. On this floor “god” shows bruce a giant file cabinet, which contains all the information about his life.

About your past in order to make your present better -and- you must. Painful either for ourselves or others, but upon closer examination, we. Another young woman who had been raised in a family that did not believe in god, secretly prayed in her bedroom, and i described an exact ritual that she had performed as she came into a feeling of spirituality within herself in the privacy of her bedroom. Everyone has the right to know their spiritual and consciousness heritage. Some of the benefits you may receive are:. Com/ no longer available), but didn't do much with it yet. When requesting & paying for an akashic record reading, consent to open & work in your akashic records is implied. Take action, it doesn't matter how many readings you get, nothing in your life will change.

Humanitarian or having a soul gift of. In other words, life is always from a hardcore crudeness to many subtleties. These lenses focus the energy from one star system to another. The touching of an object gives information about everything that has happened around this subject. Within the whole ‘light-brary’ represented in the greater akashic. If they find your message in the archives, then they proceed to give you an appointment with the sri shuka nadi interpreter.  i will continue to open your akashic records by using your full birth name and connecting with archangel metatron, keeper of the akashic records. Touched, heard, or otherwise measured.

Akasha is a sanskrit word, and means. According to hindu tradition, all consultations with the bhrigu-samhita are preordained, and the moment of arrival is the key to discovery of the correct leaf, which indicates not only the life pattern and destiny of the inquirer, but also his name in a sanskrit equivalent of the. In paper 25 is found the statement-"the recording angels of the inhabited planets are the source of all individual records. They don't view anyone as maintaining or keeping a collection of akashic materials in recorded form in a library, for instance. Because they realized who it must have been who fathered the child. One should also keep in mind that when you interfere in the "lesson plan" of another by trying to rescue them, you very often take their karma or lessons on yourself. She offers inspiring online on-demand and in-person certification classes, insightful readings and coaching sessions, and engaging presentations. Akashic records reader myself i can say that i have definitely sensed this realm in the universe where deeds and thoughts of a person’s  soul are recorded. It has been about ten weeks.

If the subjects of akasha and akashic “records” promotes wide differences of opinion, the topic of akashic record readings today compounds those controversies. Soul mastery: accessing the gifts of your soul. That we have, but much of the information is multidimensional and as. Michelle has delivered a very clear decision making reading that left me feeling astounded at just how much the information resonated with my higher knowing. Akashic records reading it is because they are undergoing a huge change in their life.

Forth under the impulse of.

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Tell the universe what you would like to channel or know, and then you simply allow it to flow through you. The conversation that actually occurs is only a part of the energy being shifted in your etheric body and for the healing and changes to manifest, it may take up between four to six months. Even after 10 years of transformational training.   other appointment times are available monday – thursday 10:30 a. It covers all forms of relationships from romantic partners, to attracting a life partner or a potential partner. The ability to relax from the reflections of your nervous system consciously without breaking your identification with the whole is the parakaaya siddhi; the ability to move from one body to another.

And learn from the data that has already been. If you are overseas, michelle will send your reading as a mp3 to your email address or via facebook messenger. Everything here is an illusion. Ancient aliens and its pundits are simply wrong about every aspect of the allege akashic records. In their essence, working with the akashic records will supply you with:. Com, more than the rest of the country.

As an akashic records reader, it’s interesting to note patterns when clients visit me for a reading, either online or face-to-face. Like cayce, today many psychics are able to access the akashic records and offer readings online and via phone.  she then checks each of your main 7 chakras to see if they are open, closed or blocked. "accessing the akashic records provides an opportunity to align with your soul and develop your own spiritual authority," teaches linda howe. Yes, we have the body here, and the.   an individual might be encouraged to examine an area that they can improve to bring them closer to their potential. However, a scientist may apply the methodology he learned on earth to understanding the nature of the afterlife reality, as similar natural laws apply to both realities. But there are celtic, chinese, egyptian and many other types of ascended masters as well as archangels. Legacy is the physical and spiritual information and energy that passes from one person to another when someone makes the transition from physical to pure energy — what we call death.

To michelle, it’s never too late or too dark to discover the light again. Think of energy as information that vibrates. Have you told your story in your akashic records without needing to have the answer first. In a certain sense, what has happened takes place. Yourself, you will find yourself drifting into a scenario-like dream. Does the company treat you as a business owner, or just another customer.

She makes her own oils. Fertilizer and collect the feathers which are used for a variety of things. Similarly, the sinful are punished for their vileness. However all the questions were answered but not always in the way that i necessarily wanted them to be. My daughter walked into the room while i was listening to you, not knowing who was talking or why but as she stayed and listened she finally said, “momma, this woman knows you inside and out.

” the akashic records are also known as, the cosmic mind, the universal mind, the collective unconscious, the collective subconscious and the soul records. " instead ask a more open ended question such as "how will this new job benefit me. He wanted to know what that was like because it didn’t make any. Getting my reading was like having everything “fall into place” for me. I was quite satisfied and even mystified with the accuracy of the results.  what a blessing you are. I asked hajira how she knew what was in the records and she explained that she connects to the energy field at the spiritual level of the individual’s akashic record. In this 90-minute video download, we teach you all about. She will send you an audio recording of the reading in an email.

Personalized tools, techniques, and tips to help you with your unique challenges. Calling someone the expert or foremost authority on the akashic records is like claiming to be the authority on god. Cayce repeatedly emphasized that even though the memories in the akashic records might explain a person's desires and the experiences he chooses to draw to himself, humans always have the freedom of choice to react in a positive way. Your book is your product and your business, so it’s time to take control and get comfortable making decisions. During the course of a reading and healing, a practitioner accesses the hall of records where all soul records are stored. Bring something to record any information you receive.

What results through this inner exploration is a reconciliation of the self that leads to being more at ease in the outer world. Because we use a pendulum, it works for everyone, and it’s not ‘hit and miss’ – see what robyn said above:. I felt that if i continued sitting there and just continued watching them, in time, i would figure it out--or, at least i was trying to figure them out. Benefits of an akashic record / career reading. (if i have questions based on initial findings, i will contact you. Seek guidance in relation to your best course of action. It is a hall without walls, without ceiling, but i am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book, a record of the individual for whom i seek information. Akashic records readings don't need to be done face-to-face, so you can opt to have a telephone reading or even an online akashic records reading.

The invaders captured prime assets of the brahmins. So if you are looking for a comprehensive healing system to try on for size, check out this book. Bauval later wrote secret chamber in 1999. A more simple analogy is to imagine a library with endless shelves and hallways. The class was small, so there was ample time for questions and personalized feedback. Create a list of 5-10 questions you’d like to ask your record keepers. As i explore energy, spiritual care, and intuition, i get frustrated with all of the sensational and unreliable information out there. Just wanted you to know how much i appreciated the reading you did for me, and how much it has helped me.

How lucky am i to have my own personal guide who leads me into my records. I willingly travel the difficult path, looking below the surface into the unknown.   it is normal for people to go there often during sleep in order to process experiences that they have had and receive more training and support.

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To me the akashic records are the blueprint of your life. (note that cayce employed the first person plural “we. This journey through time and space does not require hours of meditation and anyone can learn to connect to what has been called, “the book of life. What to expect from your akashic records reading. The information in your reading is usually uncannily spot on and you are highly likely to resonate with what it reveals.   i received many helpful insights. Both [lifetimes] felt equally 'real' and i sensed i was being given a great gift by being able to access this information.

Every akashic record reading is a special event. When we are not aligned with the energetic qualities of our unique soul and make choices not congruent to our own divine nature, we don't manifest what we want and can live an unfulfilling life. It is a library of all that once was and is today. Thanks michelle for the akashic reading. Plan your questions ahead of time – you can certainly come up with new ones, follow-ups, and clarifying questions in the moment, but i invite you to put some thought into what you want to ask ahead of time. For the choices you are making.

She is more amazing than an “mri” scanner. O the current paradigm of science sees the universe as made up of material (particles and atoms) and energy. Direct projection the sooner you project to the akashic records after your exit, the better, as projection time is always limited. This information is stored in our akashic records, and we carry that energy or energetic imprint with us until it is cleared. For every birth there is a death. In addition, every great culture was based on some connection to a religion or a belief system based on these “prophetic insights”.

Incarnate to be murdered repeatedly. ” he used the term “the body” to indicate he had found the seeker’s page in the akashic records. Through the akashic records we can recognize why the pattern was created and clear the energy so it no longer has to play out in your current lifetime. The important thing is to know your own truth and feel that truth inside of you. I have had the phrase, “no kidding. Here’s what some clients have said about their akashic records readings:. Have you heard of the akashic records. There is no reasonable explanation in 'bb [big bang] theory' for the observed flatness of the universe; for the missing mass in it; for the accelerating expansion of galaxies; for the coherence of some basic cosmic ratios; and for the 'horizon problem', the uniformity of the macrostructures throughout cosmic space.

Open the roof to the sky”. How to make changes in your current life with the akashic records. As being the 'real deal', and the readings for a reasonable price, and curiosity got the better of me. Experiences of “pain” (physical – including surgeries, emotional, mental, or spiritual) during this lifetime. Are unlikely to be intentional communications from an intelligent. I cant seem to find them anywhere. In the meantime this is where i come in, working on your behalf. Accessing the akashic plane is not really what your lessons are about on the physical plane, and you are not designed for it. We will all read these records after we die, and we will all be judged by what lies within.

If you purchased a skype session together with an audio file or written document, then the skype session can be used to answer questions. Hi there, this is shelly. Finding your personal akashic record is not always easy yet similar to tuning your car stereo to your own particular radio frequency. I emailed noelani a question and she sent me a long detailed reading that included aspects of my life that are not common knowledge. So the idea of knowing about the akashic records gives us a sense of our own accountability from a human point of view and a divine accountability, if you will, that is all loving. Visualize your surroundings and gradually incorporate all of your senses into hearing, smelling and feeling the environment around you. I panicked and tried to get him back but during the ceremony a war broke out. What is blocking me from_______.   if you live outside of the united states, you will be provided with a phone number to call me at our scheduled time. There are certain people that have access to certain records, so you would only have access to your soul’s record and those who had an influence on your life, unless you had been granted access to other information needed for your soul’s evolution.

If you ask the question, "why. One, or more, akashic readings, where your records only are accessed can . Org analyze board, you’ll find a lot of answers related to the read akashic records:. It’s like a super library that includes all of the information that we need in order to live the way we want on this planet. How can i release and/or work through them best. Besides the fun culture that is “awake” and kind for the most part, there’s also the small size of the city, 1m people, and the short commutes, even 10 minutes in some cases. A dialog then unfolds in which information is shared from a universal perspective.

That any frustration i feel, especially when he is doing (or not doing. This has come at a perfect time in my life as i begin my mindful living and spiritual awakening. What information do you require to access my akashic record. The waiting list (for akashic records readings) will be indicated in the readings page, white panel below the paypal button. Akashic records are the individual records of a soul from the time it extends from god/source until it returns. To include that i do not feel that these "records" are used for.

How do i go about doing that. Balancing past-life karma is the key to soul evolution. - dna activation and embodiment. If you are aware of the akashic records, then you know they are a compilation of everything all-encompassing. Listen to music with your records open. Yourself at or near a semblance of the akashic records. In all seriousness, the records are most likely kept with your higher self.

Reading Akashic Records

You will remember who you truly are once more. Who directly asks for a reading. The akashic records is one of the most powerful tools available to humankind. What is your primary life lesson for this lifetime –  interesting and validating because you choose experiences which allow you to learn this primary life lesson, so you can find out why you choose the experiences you do and how they fit into your soul’s path. It could produce greater empathy among people, and greater sensitivity to animals, plants and the entire biosphere. The questions answered are the ones that are truly heartfelt and real, dealing with in-depth development. I then began to feel movement under my shoulder blade. To begin the actual reading, your psychic will enter a resonant state of mind, open the records with a sacred prayer, and then you may ask your questions about anything and everything.

  this reading is recorded and made available to you as a downloadable mp3 recording so you can listen to it again. The akashic records are the energetic archive of the journey of each individual soul.   a reading consists of having someone who has experience and expertise in working with the akashic records open your records so that you can receive information from them. Your akashic records can provide the loving guidance and support you need. • support you and your clients to market their businesses. Past experiences, thoughts, beliefs and value systems can be carried forward into your current lifetime but may not always fit who you are or who you were meant to be this lifetime. No matter what i felt, i  just had to accept that whatever the akashic records said as my personal truth. Born in tibet and lived 300 years.

Listed below are some of the reasons why my clients decide to have an akashic record reading:.   questions regarding your finances, relationships, business, or health are all appropriate. If it can be re-written consciously, then much of the past and traumatic events we hold in our a-field could be liberated, and thus increase the energy for positive potentials in an individual's life. What’s your cancellation and refund policy for readings. It will grow as you practice this. Not wanting to go it alone.

As we open to divine guidance we allow ourselves to receive the illuminating wisdom that comes from the ascended beings of light. - i feel a close connection to a friend of mine, as if we were sisters. I am in contact with your teachers, masters and guides, who also help with the reading, in addition to the lords of the akashic records. Behind space there lies a simulation program or a virtual-reality generative information process that co-ordinates all that exists and all that happens. While an akashic records reading can be used for the exact same purposes, it is the reader who is revisiting the past lives for you, rather than you experiencing them once again. However, now that you have read this guide to akashic records life path readings, six common questions, and their answers, you should have some idea if this one is right for you as well as how to handle the experience. It surrounds us in entirety.

Think about the patterns that come up in your life, the issues that feel unrelenting to you, and the relationships that seem to continually mystify you. Anyway, the author uses a method of accessing the akashic records called the pathway prayer process. In other words, there must be an akashic memory field. • to communicate with your past lives, heal past distresses and resolve old issues, especially those that are affecting your current day life. Metaphors and myths about the hall of records. There is no refund for this reading. Didn't get the warmth of the masters teachers and loved ones coming through.

If you do not know what question to ask next, you can ask the record keepers what is the question that would best suit you to ask now and it will be revealed. Some who believe in the records claim that they were used by ancient peoples around the world, including the indians, moors, tibetans, egyptians, persians, chaldeans, greeks, chinese, hebrews, christians, druids, and mayans. Thank you for your dedication and developing your skills to benefit humanity on our ascension and path of enlightenment. Mind, you will usually find yourself viewing one of two general. To choose a hallway and move down it to a section of the records. Receiving this information from another, it's a good idea. What stands in the way of my success. The akashic records are an experiential body of knowledge that contains the energetic signatures of the origin of souls, previous lifetimes, soul intentions and purposes, and future points of choice and possibility. Do not get the three mixed up or crossed purposes of either.

Too many people feel they are lost, and it is easy to become sidetracked by worldly objectives, such as work promotions and the acquisition of wealth. As for the rest, it is ok. Another plus is knowing how to help others with accessing their records for helping them find some direction along their chosen path. Over his stomach, and put himself into some kind of. Reading like this would be so profound and revealing to me. You will also know how to free your client from this root cause.

Defenders names and ‘psychically matching’ them to people she knew. Learn how to discern if you are truly accessing the records of divine truth. The reading are not meant to predict the future, because i firmly believe in free will and.   you can learn to access and read your own record, or you can have the assistance of someone who has been trained to access and read the records for others. Use your words to describe what it's like for you to be here, even if it seems very ordinary.

Words really can’t express how much that is so for me. We are here as the powerful creators of our human experience. This is where you will find respect, compassion and healing. -- the pathway prayer process-a "password" for admittance into the records. I’m sure charles was one who felt badly for not. Having a conversation with yourself, and as such are in the best of. How do i move past this feeling of being “stuck”. Yes, as the gospel hymn goes, “his eye is on the sparrow / and i know he watches me…”.

If you’d like to know more about your akashic records, you can schedule an akashic record reading with me by. I am forever grateful to madison for not only allowing us to tap into our own abilities to access the records, but for creating safe spaces for collective blossoming.

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